AMMERSINN Informatik was founded in 1992 as a private firm. Three years later the name was changed to AMMERSINN Informaik & Handel. In August 1999 the private firm was dissolved and a new firm, AMMERSINN Informatik & Handel GmbH, was founded.

We want to adapt to the market and bring good performances at fair prices to the customers. Furthermore we would like to anchor ourselves more strongly in the market and further develop our products and services.

We come directly to you and support your IT needs, advise you in the best way, propose Internet solutions, procure hardware and software, plan projects and offer you training courses.

Telephone     +41 1 881 70 00
FAX              +41 1 881 70 01

Postal address:
Informatik & Handel GmbH
Unterhaldenweg 4
CH-8424 Embrach


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